Frequently Asked Questions

1-What documents are needed for certificate issuing of Verification of Conformity (VOC) and Certificate of Insurance (COI)?

Answer: 1-Written request of the buyer for inspecting and signing a contract

2-Copy of the documentary credit or collection and subsequent amendments thereto (if there are)

3-Copy of pro forms and its amendments (if there are)

4-Copy of packing list

5-Copy of invoice

6-Copy of schedule

7-Copy of declaration of goods entry or clearance (for goods imported to ports)

8-Copy of warehouse bills (for goods entered into the customs)

9-Copy of certificate of origin

10-Presenting a statement confirming conformity of the goods with the standard or technical regulations by the manufacturer or supplier of the goods related to the items of invoice of L/C

11-Analysis sheet of Test Report, Mill Sheet and Mill Certificate (matching type and related to L/C subject)

12-Introduction of the agent, official attorney or the buyer’s clearance with the address and telephone to accompany the inspection

2-What documents are needed for motorcycle type approval?

Answer: 1-The letter of the manufacturer’s request

2-Provincial standard letter

3-E Mark including components approval (if there is)

4-Bill of Materials (BOM)

5-Appendix B

6-Fuel consumption label

7-Certificate of Conformity (COC)

8-Cntrol of Production plan (COP Plan)

9-Test report of main manufacturer

10-Self declaration (motorcycle and warehouse form)

11-The result of testing all the mandatory standards contained in the National Standard 7558

3-What are imported goods subjected to the mandatory standard?

Answer: List of Imported goods subjected to mandatory standard

4-What are the terms of the manufacturer’s support package when importing goods?

Answer: 1-Imported goods must be raw material or intermediate production

2-The importer must be as a licensed manufacturer from competent authorities

3-If the importer has a business card as a true or legal person, he must have an official contract with the related manufacturer

5-What are the documents needed to use the manufacturer’s support package in the motorcycle industry?

Answer: Based on clause 5-5 of the standard No. 7558, the commitment letter of the production unit with the approval of the manager and the quality manager must be taken and all the commercial documents, including sales invoice, declaration and packaging list must be presented to the inspection company. After acquiring the technical requirements and compliance approval of the imported goods with qualified specimens, action will be taken by the inspection company for the issuing of confirmation letter.

6-What does “the scope of activity of the inspection company” means?

Answer: The scope of activity is defined as the scope of activity approved by the National Standards Organization which the Azmoon Asa Parse Inspection & Engineering Company has the following range of activities (green items)

-Foodstuffs, Agricultural Products and Vegetable Oils

-Oil, Petroleum and Petrochemical: Petrochemicals

-Consumer Goods: Automobiles, Motorcycles and their parts, Home Furnishings, Medical, Electrical, Electronic and Cellulose products

-Industrial Goods: Electrical and electronic equipment, industrial machinery (production line), mechanical equipment, medical equipment, oil and gas equipment

7-What are exported goods subjected to the mandatory standard?

Answer: List of the exported goods subjected to the mandatory standard

8-What is the difference between a Certificate of Inspection (COI) and a bank Inspection Certificate (IC)?

Answer: Certificate of Inspection is issued with the aim of compliance of the goods subjected to the standard regulations with the technical requirements and national and international standards related to the goods. A bank Inspection Certificate (IC) is issued for all goods with types credits based on the requirements set in the Central Bank Currency Exchange Regulations.