Goods Inspection

In goods inspection, this company succeed to achieve Inspection Quality Management System Certification according to ISO/IEC 17020 standard requirements from accreditation system after receiving accreditation from Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of IRAN, and proceed in planning and presenting inspection services by extending the field of inspection activity in food industry, agriculture, vegetable oil, petroleum, gas, petrochemical, automobile, motorcycle, medical, electrical and cellulose equipment, mechanic and metallurgist, importing and exporting of industrial machines all over the world .

The abilities of import and export goods inspection group:

-Inspection of goods subjected to mandatory standards and Cabinet of ministers’ directives

-Issuing of Inspection and Goods Conformity Certificate (VOC/COI)

-Issuing of Quality Confirmation, Capacity, Proform Cost Certification at the request of bank

-Pre-shipment inspection and issuing of Inspection Certification (PSI)

-Determining of the value of the shipments

-Ability to inspect the goods at the buyer or seller place

-Inspection at destination

-Confirmation of loading, transporting, unloading and examination Certification and checking of entry documents of goods at ports

-Sampling and Laboratory monitoring services

-Issuing of export goods certifications