Partner Laboratories

Arvin Azmay Sarmad

Address: No. 47, Ashkan alley, Sahel Street, Kalhor Boulevard, Ghods Square, 20th Kilometer of Tehran_Karaj Old Road, Iran

Contact Number: 026-46889914

Sanaye Enerji Laboratory

Address: Sanaye Enerji Laboratories, Research Town of Kavosh, End of Soop Boulevard, 18th Kilometer of Karaj-Ghzvin Highway, Iran

Contact Number: 026-92108380

Iran Docharkh

Address: 3rd floor, Bahman Group, Second Site, Before IranKhodro Crossroad, 13th Kilometer of Makhsoos Road, Iran

Contact Number: 026-44904822

Borna Azmoon Pars

Address: Borna Azmoon Pars Company, Standard Office, Administrative Site, Helal Berim, Iran-Abadan

Contact Number: 061-53266092

Razi Applied Science Foundation

Address: No.27, Farnan Street, Shahid Ghasem Asgari Boulevard, Ghods City Entrance, Ghods City U-turn, Before Pars Oil Refinery, 21st Kilometer of Makhsoos Road, Iran

Contact Number: 021-88063730

Behine Azmaye Parsian

Address: No. 702, 7th floor, Afra Building, Next to the Komeyl Bridge, North Navab Highway, Iran-Tehran

Contact Number: 021-55436352

Khatam Polymer

Address: Eastern First Floor, No. 398, After Hoortab Alley, First of Hafez Bridge, Karimkhan Boulevard, Iran-Tehran

Contact Number: 021-88908977

Deghat Ghostar Tehran

Address: No. 2, 4th alley, Oorak Street, Homeyla Boulevard or Shahid Falah Zade Street, Poonak, Iran-Tehran

Contact Number: 021-44311227

Sanjeshe Entebaghe Pars

Address: Port and Maritime Authority of Port Complex of Material Reference Laboratory and Metal Products Technical Support Workshops, Emam Khomeini Seaport

Contact Number: 0611-3362760

Siraf Azmoon Lyan

Address: Opposite Butan Agency, Modares Street after Bushehr Security Building, Iran-Bushehr

Contact Number: 077-33530151


Address: Simia Company, Western Ordibehesht Street, Ferdosy Ring Road, Sepehr Industrial Town, Nazar Abad, Iran-Karaj

Contact Number: 026-45333586

Shakhe Zeytoon Lyan

Address: Block 2, Ofogh Building, End of Milad Restaurant Alley, Opposite Gomrok Exit gate, Dehghan Boulevard, Iran-Bushehr

Contact Number: 077-33447313

Shokuh Pars Azmoon

Address: Block 22, 5th floor, No 25, Azadegan Alley, Northern Mirza Shirazi Street, Iran-Tehran

Contact Number: 021-88480040


Address: Block 14, 24th Street, End of Hasan Seyf Street, First of Farahzady Boulevard, Sanat Square, Shahrak Gharb, Iran-Tehran

Contact Number: 021-88376010

Iran Rubber Industry Research Center

Address: Block 25, No 81, Kavoosifar Street, Northern Sohrevardy Street,  Iran-Tehran

Contact Number: 021-88524866

Mehrnegar Caspian

Address: First floor, No 4, Azimi Impasse, Tohid Square, Firs of Satarkhan, Iran-Tehran

Contact Number: 021-66426771

Novin Net Pars

Address: Second floor, No 34, Mobayeni Alley, Shahid Saboonchi Street, Takhti square, Shahid beheshti Street, Iran-Tehran

Contact Number: 021-88522128


Address: 3rd floor, No 30, Northern Skandar Conjunction, Azadi Street, Iran-Tehran

Contact Number: 021-66949644